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Østerbø Fjellstove is an idyllic Norwegian resort in the heart of the Aurland mountains. It is a natural stopping point between Oslo and Bergen along main road 50.

We offer an authentic taste of Norwegian mountain life, and welcomes visitors from all around the world to relax in comfortable rooms, enjoy traditional Norwegian meals and sosialize its cosy "Peisestover" or fireplace rooms.

For an unforgettable experience, we encourage our guests to hike down the Aurlandsdalen (Aurland Valley) which boasts of some of the most spectacular and well known vistas in all of Norway.

The mountain lodge has 16 doublerooms - hotelstandard, 36 mountain lodge rooms - both double and family rooms, 12 well equipped cottages and a camping site. For the season 2011 we can also offer 4 new high standard apartments.


Season 2019 : May 30 until September 29.